7 Fun Brain Games That Will Sharpen Your Mind in Minutes 

Brain Games that will sharpen your memory, improve focus, and improve mental health. This game is free of cost no need to pay.

I know you play more games every day but these games help you to cure mental illness. It is not big but as a daily challenge, these games help you to boost your brain power. this list of games is free of cost and suitable for your handset no need for big devices. I discuss in this post some games that are also available offline, online, or in local shops, that help you carry according to your choice- with distraction or without.

This list is so simple If you like then follow my blog. here are the 7 best brain games for you below the title list;

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7 brain Games that need to be played today:

  1. Sudoku:

Sudoku is the most popular mind game in the world, you can play it every day their playing method is easy you need to fill out 1-9 words on a row but remember never repaid again straight and horizontal rows 1-9 numbers. This game is challenging because you need to active mind to fill out numbers, and analysis breaks where you can fill numbers on-by-on.

These games improve your attention in present-time situations and train your brain to become sharp and conscious about problems and futuristic visions. that is good for your Brain development. If you like then go to search on Play Store “sudoku brain games” or “sudoku” and you will find lots of download options. Sudoku game challenge depends on the developer that provides you with an app, If you don’t like to download or are out of storage in your handset then access the browser and find out Google art and culture “play” option that is genuine and safe for you.

2. Crosswords:

Crosswords is a vocabulary game where you need to complete sentences. Some games are available with hit words and you need to complete them.

This game is fun full and challenging for you because I experience new words coming in English every { most of the games in crosswords are English}. This is surprising when you belong to another language like me. To benefit from this game clear vocabulary and spelling mistakes and improve your creative skills, fast thinking, and connection how to solve problems ability. if you apply this skill in your real life then you feel – “I will understand every language, not much but something”

3. Puzzle:

Puzzle game Most people know this game, but there are different forms in the world such as numbers, poetry, songs, words, images, etc. All things are not suggested to you if you beginner to know about this type of brain game. I discuss that you know also the Puzzle game “Image” Puzzle.

According to our information, I found most of the playing games including kids that are Puzzle games. So, what are the benefits when you play- Improve focus, think faster, improve management skills, and problem-solving skills, and speed up eye movement { This is one of the best catchy eye movement exercises that coordinate with hand and thinking}.

4. Short-Trem Memory Game:

Short-Term Memory Game; is a speed memory game where you need more attention in a short time, this game is simply arranged cards where hidden images or numbers you need to memorize and find out where they are or their pairs. rules are different in every type of game but their playing methods are similar, I think you need to find out 2, 3, or 4 pairs, about similar items { in cards}.

In my experience this is so challenging when you cross most of the levels, in the first level you can see 4 or 6 cards, you need just to find out 2 or 3 pairs. But If you need to solve lots of cards and find just 4 pairs, how do you feel? This game helps you to boost memory power and it’s challenging for memory. You can see – that the focus is increased, and memory going to challenge and improve with some kind of force but it’s good, complete brain exercise, builds speed thinking, and capturing ability.

5. Card Game:

Card Playing; Do you know? The world’s richest man Bill Gates also plays this game every day, not online, not for money they play for fun and exercise, they also accepted their interview. Card playing games have different types inside rules or regulations so you need to find out which is good for the brain, I like brain games but I need your help Which is good for the brain in these games. please comment below if you love brain games!

The benefits of this game are – improved thinking ability, quick thinking and action ability, focus, Understanding situations {improved patience}, etc.

6. Tic Tac Toe:

Tic Tac Toe game, is a kidding game I played many more times in my school during boring classes or after the launch break, this game’s rules are simple you need to complete your round with pairs { cross, zero, stars, etc.} pairs depended on what you choose in offline and online games depended on game designers.

This game helps you to improve problem-solving skills and understand situations with a quick-act mindset, This game is challenging for your brain to win! if your components are strong-minded.

7. Chess:

Chess, If you think of mind games then in your imagination this game is listed in a top position because this is the most popular and genius playing game in this list. The rules of This game are simple but playing capacity depends on you – hard, easy, or drop out.

You need to understand first How to play chess, then claim your strength with friends or robot {online}. I suggest starting with a beginner, most of the applications help you with a how-to-play guide! The most important benefits that I have seen in my life- are to improve patience accurately, focus, build moral thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, thinking ability, managing skills, etc.

Brain Games resources:

To play offline you need to design yourself or shop in the local market or online. To play online I have a resource for you to read in the list:

  • Google Art and Culture “Play” option { ads free}
  • YouTube playable { in explore section you can see}
  • Google & iOS Play Store {free or paid + ads}
  • Search on the web / Chrome web store
  • Your OTT network { Netflix, Amazon, etc}
  • Window default games
  • Google Play app

If you need to play the option more or to save time, click the bell to update this blog for brain games.

Benefits of playing Brain games:

If you play these Brain Games then your brain becomes sharp with this strength:

  • Good focus
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Speed up thinking ability
  • Improve Management Skills
  • Build Patience strategies
  • Quick Action Ability
  • Sharp memory with Quick capturing ability
  • Brain Exercise { muscle up your brain – good blood flow and nutrition consumption, clear junk, close up nerve impulses, improve electrolyte supply, etc.}
  • Improve Imagination Skills

etc. Improve Brain Health and You will see these changes in your life.

Where I can Buy Brain games:

Amazon is a good choice where you can buy board games like chess or other brain games. This is my choice I think there is a home delivery facility available in your area. The suggestion is popular and available.

I also joined as an Affiliate here.


In this post 7 Brain Games that help you to Improve Brain Power and are easy to play for age groups like you. Their resources are available on Google for free and no ads here to disturb you. I know you are playing more games, but as a choice to play brain games, their benefits are to Improve focus, build patience, improve memory, etc. Even Exercising your brain these games are best for you daily basis. but some games need to be on an opponent. I hope this Brain Games list helps you to enjoy brainy life- see you soon on Blinkymind.com

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