Play & Unlocking Learning with Fun Word Games

This word game is not only a grammar solution that can test your language expertise, but it also challenges your mind. Are you a genius or not?

Learn new words with Word Games It’s a good option for you, According to Quora English dictionaries add an estimated 800-1000 new words each year. The Global Language Monitor estimates that new words are every 98 minutes, which is about 14.7 words per day or 5,400 words every year.

I searched for data on the internet related to the English language more than millions are available and growing every year, But people use only 1,70,000 words today. According to information Native English speakers use only 20K to 30K of the English words. If I compare English vs Hindi language then the data is not accurate because Hindi is a broad language and they are affected over the years and different cultures interfere. According to collected data, more than 6.5 million language data are listed on the internet.

With word games, you can explore different words and know!

where I can play Word games online for free?

To play online games is easy today you can access games on your phone through Google Play this is the easy step to choose, but I recommend using the listed sources that are genuine and you will read more here and no need to sign in or download an app. It means you can save your data and space. But you can also use Google Play, new, offline, single-multiplayer, word games.

In this blog I already publish free brain games sources you can check, If you are not interested then I explain to you, free gaming resources that no need to download :

  1. Google play games
  2. Game Snacks
  3. Google art and culture
  4. YouTube

In a piece of short information about this game place:

Google Play Games is an application by Google you need to download and you do not need to sign in here google auto-loads account data, If you have more Google accounts then choose one and you will see the game option Which game do you play?

If you need to word Gmes then type here search bar and you will see the result like Play Store just click on the app, and then you can see two options install or try out you can choose the try out option, to play no need to download games with this option.

GameSnacks, a game is also by Google here you can play bit-size games and you won’t need to download them.

gooogle art and culture word games
Google art and culture play.

Google Art & Culture is an App that provides information related to Art and Culture you can see in the app. Inside the application, you see the “Play ” option, or scrolling down you can see the games here. These games are free and you will play new games every day and gain new information. In this app available word games you can play and enjoy with this free game, Big advantage is you can play more updated games every day.

YouTube; On YouTube, after the March 28 update new feature is available for users the “Playable” menu this is a gaming section where you can access many games that are present in the Play Store. You can play here word games and others I played before launching this feature. When I was a Premium user.

Popular Word games you need to download on your phone

memory and build strength
Build mental strength by playing word games.

Games that are played most of the time by users, I listed some games according to people’s search check out the list:

New Word Games:

  1. Word Search Word Games
  2. Word Grid-connect the words
  3. word scapes-word Puzzle game
  4. Crossword Deluxe: word puzzles
  5. Hidden Wordz-word puzzle


Multiplayer word games:

  • Word Pics-word Games
  • Word-Puzzle-crossword games
  • Hangman words: Two players’ games
  • Word wars – word game
  • Word Domination


Single Player:

  • Word Search
  • Word Search – Word puzzle game
  • Words of wonders-crossword
  • Word Connect
  • Crossword Quest


Offline playing word games is also listed on single Player Games list.

What is the benefit of Playing word games?

This is the list of benefits you can see:

  • Memory improvement: When you play the games and then remember the word your mind reminds you of the sentence again and again, this can help you to improve your memory.
  • Make Health: word games regularly stimulate the brain and its parts which can help to away dementia.
  • Problem-solving ability: When you play the games then you have to challenge your mind to solve and recall information, this situation regulates your problem-solving skills and builds strength.
  • Build Quick Thinking ability: Playing and solving word puzzles keeps building this ability.
  • Vocabulary and spelling: This game’s biggest benefit is clear Vocabulary and avoiding spelling mistakes, some games come with regular word data updates which is a good sign for learning new words day by day.


Word Games are not only Played online they also drive society, you need to learn and grow daily, these games help you to learn new words and gain memory and mental strength, I have a list of free sources where you can play and some popular list that people also search on the play store, this list is limited but you can search by typing ” word games” then the result will be yours. The benefit is accurate matching with game algorithms.

I hope this information helps you to know similar information you can read my other posts.

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