Brain games for adults online

Top Brain games for adults you can play online. This can challenge your cognitive ability and train your brain capabilities.

As Adults no time to play games but I have listed simple logical games when you play every day only 5 minutes that can help you boost your brain potential and improve logical expertise, this is challenging for your brain to handle situations and make the right decision. This type of brain game trains your different brain parts and helps to keep out brain strength.

According to age groups, it is important to choose the right brain games. That is also fun and informative and effortful to effectively train your brain parts.

Brain games in my list provide offline or online playing options, the question is how you can deal with the situation and make the right decision, you can test with these games and train how you will be best in these life-threatening challenges.

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Top 7 brain games for adults

Here is the list of adult brain games, that are fun, challenging, and training:

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

These Brain Games help you to train your brain with tricky puzzles and test your IQ. Provide offline play options you can play without the internet these games and their series. Brain Test is a trivia game best for friends and family. This game was published in the Play Store by Unico Studio, with 4.6 rated by 18k users and 100M+ downloads. Downloads suitable for Android, Tablet, and Chromebook.

This Game provides a single-player option, this is a trend #1 top free trivia game featured in the Google Play Store, for players available 400+ levels.

Brain games for adults, improve cognitive skills
Improve Cognitive skills: time management, productivity, mental strength, etc.

Elevate -Brain Training Games

This one game helps you to develop your cognitive skills through word, math, grammar, vocabulary, and memory puzzles. These are all Award-winning games in the Play Store listed on the editor choice option [ this is the feature suggested option by Google Play Store]. You can play here 40+ games and track your progress, What is your level by calculating points? To improve your vocabulary you will be filled with confidence during communication.

This game comes with the Education, medical, and Mental Health category levels. These games are featured on Top News “CNET” and the “Washington Post”.

This game was published on the Play Store by “Elevate Labs” 4.1 rated by 202 users and 10M+ downloads this app suitable for Android, tablet, and Chromebook users this app is available for iPhone users. This is a paid brain game category app you can trail out 7 days free. These games are marked by mental workout algorithms.

Brain games for adults online, problem solving skils
Improve Problem-solving skills.

Lumosity: Brain Training

These games were designed by Lumos Labs Inc. and 97 + users rated 3.8 and 10 M+ Downloaded on Play Store these games can be played for above age 3+, This brain games Train cognitive skills and target memory, reasoning, problem-solving, speed logic, math, language, and more. This game is available for free and also paid version use after subscription.

You can see here 40+ game options that train your brain, this game can personalize challenges using your habits and performance, This game supports 7+ languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. You can track your performance and weaknesses. You can track and compare with similar age groups how they perform and what is their strengths. Inside games are challenging for your brain.

Brain Training-Logic Puzzles

This game helps you to unlock the hidden potential of your brain. Inside you can play classic Puzzle games that can train your cognitive skills and improve problem-solving abilities, challenging your logical reasoning capabilities. You can see classic and clear game options inside.

These games developed by CL- Games, in Google Play Store 4.4 rated by 19 users and 5M+ users downloaded. These games are for 3+age groups. This app contains ads inside an In-app Purchases option available, according to your play option, You can play offline – logical, puzzle games, etc. These games were available for single players.

Focus – Train your Brain

You can boost your memory and cognitive skills with daily brain workouts with these brain games here you can see 30+ games that help you train your brain by targeting different brain parts such as memory, concentration, visual perception, attention coordinating or logical reasoning, and following your progress through Score dashboard.

In this game, you can track and compare how others performed, This is a free game with a subscription option to access specific game content.

This game is 4.4 rated by 49 users and 1M+ downloaded by Google users and above 3+ age user-rated gaming apps. This game app is capable of Android, iPhone, tablet, and Chromebook users, The Game was developed and published by “Senior Games” according to Google Play Store data and categorized by Health & fitness and Mental well-being.

MindPal – Brain Training Games

These games are Published by Elektron Labs Inc. In the Play Store 4.5 rated and 1M+ downloads. These games train 7 key cognitive areas Memory, Attention, language, math, flexibility, speed, and Problem-solving skills. You can track your progress and compare your brain scores with other players!

MindPal Games focuses on writing skill improvement through – word games, grammar, and writing. You can play more than 40+ games. This game comes with an educational category. Application suitable for Android, iPhone, Tablet, and Chromebook users across the world.

Brain games for adults online, concentration, language and sharp memory
Improve concentration and sharp memory.

Brainwell- Brain Training

This game was designed by Monclarity LLC, 3.7 rating in the Google Play store by 6 users and 500k downloads. This game’s main target is memory improvement. where you can personalize daily brain training by tracking your progress. This game provides educational material to learn about the brain, Inside you can play 50+ powerful brain games! that helps to train your memory, attention, concentration, problem-solving skills, and cognitive functions.

This game is suitable for kids and adults.

This game list helps you to complete a brain workout and help your brain improve health and abilities.

I have the option to play Brain games for any age group without downloading using YouTube “Playable” and Google Art and Culture “Play” options. Google also provides the Google Play Games application where you do not need to share extra storage with games applications, you can directly access them and try them out before downloading any games here.


According to age group, this is difficult to choose the right brain games because their IQ levels are different, But I have a list for you that can help adults train their brains and improve 7 key cognitive abilities like memory, concentration, attention, speed, math, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. These games completely give a brain workout. You can track and challenge your brain through scores and compare other players. Games are available for both offline and online users.

I hope this list can help you find the right Brain games for adults.

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